Getting Started

What is Canyons Connects?

Canyons Connects (Powered by Starfish) is software intended for retention and intervention. The software connects many instructors, students and many campus services together under one umbrella. This affords instructors to the ability to raise awareness if there are small nudges to help a student correct underperforming, or celebrating a student's fantastic effort!

The Canyons Connects allows for an instantaneous referral to help a student intentionally, and exactly where they may need support. This support can encircle the students with multiple service ensuring high touch support, and that no student is left behind.

Support Includes:

  • Access to office hours
  • Counseling & Advising
  • Tutoring Services
  • Special Population contact
  • Peer Mentor Outreach
  • BIT connections
  • Health & Welfare Services
  • Financial Aid
  • with MANY more coming online...

How to Access Canyons Connects

Canyons Connects now uses Single Sign On (SSO). If you have not used Portal Guard before, you’ll be asked to authorize yourself with your network login:

Username: staff\[Last Name]_[first initial]
Password is your regular login password.

Example: Joe Cougar’s login would be:

If you have logged in with Portal Guard, you'll be automatically logged in.


First, you should know how to access the Main Menu. Let's click the Main Menu icon also known as the hamburger menu. Try it below:

Creating your Profile

There are a few first steps you'll want to take as a new Canyons Connects user.

  1. Set up Office Hours:
    The initial landing screen will give you an opportunity to set these up.
    Click the Blue Button to start the wizard.
  2. Institutional Profile Setup:
    Here you can choose your default starting page, title, office hours messaging and even setup up a biography. Be sure to remove your Cell Phone, if you don't want to be contacted this way.
  3. Appointment Preferences
    In this tab you can outline if you'd like students to be able to schedule office hours from withing Canyons Connects.
    If you have a Calendar Manager, identify them here.
  4. Email Notifications
    Choose your notification preferences in this section and the frequency communication.

Viewing Students

Viewing students and course restores:

  1. Open the Main Menu and click on Students
  2. The default tab, "My Students" displays all your students
  3. Clicking the Connection tab will allow you to filter by your individual courses.
  4. Other filters can help narrow your search too, including by term, cohort, or typing a name.

Flags, Kudos and Referrals

As you're now familiar with where to find your students and courses, let's take it a step further...
Flagging a student:

  1. First, filter your roster to a specific course via the Connection dropdown.
  2. Select each student by selecting the checkbox to the left of their name
    hint: You can select an entire roster with the very top checkbox.
  3. Above the roster, find the button labeled flag, and click it
  4. In the dialog choose the appropriate flag, the Course Context, and volunteer any comments you'd like the student to be aware of.
  5. Click Save.